Ornithological Refuge - Estuary of Douro River

*S. Paio Bay, in the margin Vila Nova Gaia , close of the mouth of the Douro river.

Important Area - the wild birds need these spaces for if they feed and they rest during the migratory routes.

EURO 2008 - The Party is Starting

Advertiser: Galp Energia (New)
Product: Branding
Campaign: Euro 2008 - Portuguese Bus selection (National)
Agency: BBDO, Lisbon, Portugal
Year: 2008
Artist: Bob Dylan
Range: Paths of Victory
Box Set: The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3: Rare And Unreleased, 1961-1991

Good luck to all!


The Littoral Station "ELA"

The Littoral Station "ELA" opened to the public in July 1999 at Praia da Aguda, a small fishing village on the Portuguese Atlantic coast, located south of the river Douro estuary in the area of Vila Nova de Gaia.
The building was designed by Porto’s architect João Paulo Peixoto and involves:

-a Fishery Museum exhibiting ancient and modern equipment;
-an Aquarium displaying the local aquatic fauna and flora;
-a Department for Education and Research dedicated to marine ecology, aquaculture and fishery.

sculpture in bronze of the authors of Mike Weber . A tribute to the diver is in front of the building


One Day with Sunshine

May 2008 was a cold and rainy month.

Today the sun appeared ! What happiness!

House of Culture

Located in downtown, this building was a single residence - "Casa Barbot", built in 1920 in Art Nouveau.

Building classified in 1982, as building of public interest. This building is the only example of Art Nouveau in the City.

The Municipal Council of Vila Nova de Gaia acquired recently, the property, in order to install the seat of culture, heritage and tourism.

Entertainment and Leisure

Step work of architect de Passo de Sousa, in partnership with Eduardo Cabral dos Santos, aimed to renewal and recovery in this zone, located where the cellars of Port Wine, making the most of the river front and a single landscape.

Cais de Gaia - Gaia Quay was distinguished with the prize Tourism - "Use of Public Space ", organised by the Institute of Tourism of Portugal. This award aims to distinguish innovative projects in terms of quality, respect and intervention in public space and integration into its surroundings.

Collection of Ceramics Factory of Devesas

kindergarten Emilia de Jesus Costa and Asylum Antonio Almeida da Costa - Since 1937